Helping People To Fulfil Their Potential

Helping People To Fulfil Their Potential

Happy Tuesday! Wellies2Work is an app that focuses on supporting young people to develop skills and receive guidance to gain employment; as well as on-hand mental health programmes. The app will follow the pathway through skill development, emotional regulation and into employment and beyond. The app provides a single on-hand hub from multi-agencies and professionals such as those from DWP, WSCC, social workers and mental health and well-being experts.

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Who is the app built for? 🤔

We’ve designed it to provide a wide range of proven approaches to help as many people as possible

| Young People with Learning Difficulties
Offers on-hand resources, tools and guidance, monitors new skills and interactions and provides well-being activities; whilst offering a support hub from employment experts and professionals.

| Carers
Supports you in encouraging and understanding their journey to employment, and mental health resources for both you and them.

| Support Staff
Supports you just like carers do with monitoring tools with developed skills and targets.

| Outside Services and Employers
Full support throughout employment, to help you understand their individual needs and the support needed and a clear view of their skills, process and journey.

How does it work? 🛠

Wellies2Work offers six key features to complement your journey into employment and beyond.

It allows you to become incontrol of your journey into employment and tailor your experiences, access tools and resources on-demand, set and track your own goals , and gain skills that allow for further employment whilst understanding the process of employment.
| Resources

Free resources including videos, guidance and exercises to help you manage your well-being and mental health both day-to-day and during the employment process.

| Training

Training activities and skill-building tasks.

| Job Support

Employability information and job advice e.g. CV writing , interview preparation and workplace “behaviours and expectations”.

| Exercises

Well-being exercises and mood tracker that allows you to select how you’re feeling during particular tasks, with resources and support on-hand to work to manage such feelings and work to overcome triggers.

| Development tracker

The development tracker shows you the pathways you've taken and the skills that have been development.

| Support Hub

Support hub created by professionals from external organisations such as DWP, WSCC, social workers and well-being experts.


The app allows professionals to monitor and support users at all stages, even once employment is gained, and resources are always available for recap of skills.

The app provides employers with a snapshot of their new employee, their needs and learning disabilities and the work they’ve undertaken throughout the programme. Employers will be able to view their daily monitoring tool and skills they’ve gained which relate to their employment.

The Wellies2Work team will be on-hand to support, offer guidance and inform employers on learning difficulties and managing this within their workplace.

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What They Say

Hear what they say about our Founder, Tracey Poulton

"There is no doubt that technology, particularly when it's smart, dynamic and ‘cool’, is engaging young people and I am fully supportive of the way technology can change education for the better."

—Tracey Poulton


Meet The Team

With Wellies2Work, you’re in good hands.

Our app has been developed by a team of experts with decades of experience helping people to live life to its fullest potential. The Wellies2Work team will be on-hand to support, offer guidance and inform employers on learning difficulties and managing this within their workplace.

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