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How does it work?

Wellies2Work is based at Pear Tree Farm, a 33-acre certified biodynamic and organic working farm near Billingshurst. It produces fruit and vegetables as well as rearing livestock.The farm is also starting a new veg box and ready meal scheme.


Not only that...

We use a farm as the back drop for work experience opportunities to enable learning and develop skills across all elements of the business. A learning programme runs alongside the practical experience, so students can prepare for a work environment.


We support the young people through the process of gaining employment until they are confident and settled in their placement.


We supports businesses to understand the potential benefits of employing someone with a learning disability and more.


At Wellies2Work we look to share best practice, contacts and knowledge to promote positive outcomes for this group of young people.


What is Wellies2Work?

Wellies2Work supports employers to understand the potential benefits of employing someone with a learning disability, identify roles and job opportunities and understand different people’s needs and how to support them. We will stay involved through a person’s transition into employment supporting all parties.


As well as that...

Wellies2Work also works closely with businesses. We support them to understand and fulfil their corporate responsibilities, the potential benefits of employing someone with a learning disability and what support people need to make a successful work placement for all parties.


How can we help you?

We believe in a holistic approach that supports people to improve their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing through the therapeutic nature of working outdoors, and with the support from our diverse professional team.

From this secure platform of confidence and self-esteem, we will support people to discover where their interests lie, develop their independence and work skills and help bridge the gap into employment wherever possible.



“Thank you so very much for looking after my son yesterday. He absolutely loved it, he wouldn’t stop talking about it, he hasn’t been this relaxed, hopeful and happy for a long time, so thank you to everyone.” — Parent


We can't wait to work with you and help you on your journey.

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